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STASIA connect rising K-Pop stars(idol group) to fans worldwide. Each idol group issue tokens named after their them under STASIA platform. Fans can support their idol by purchasing the idol token with cryptocurrencies and participating in various fan activities. Idols then reward their token holders with discounts and authentic fan experiences that cannot be bought elsewhere. These include but not limited to concert backstage tour, special fan meeting and exclusive digital content. We call this new type of community that enable next level of fan-artist relationship "Crypto-Fandom".

Core Team
Mikey Min

CEO / Co - Founder

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Mikey Min is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. He was the founder of 6 startup companies. He founded Find Lecturer, Media K, Vitrum Ventiae Korea, etc. and invested in the foundation of more than 10 businesses, including Outer Korea, Find Star, Family ENT, Opus Media, and Café Purple. He started a business as a university student . He believes that Stasia, a fusion of entertainment and blockchain, will become a service for fans around the world to feel the love of the Korean wave.

Kyunghee University
Tourism Management / Business - BA

Ted Oh

CSO / Co - Founder

Ted oh.jpg

Ted Oh is a business development professional who has extensive networks in North America and East-Asia through his experiences in working for multi-national corporations including Amphenol a fortune 500 companies. He firmly believes that the keys to solve most challenges in personal life and business are paying genuine attention to people and creating progressive relationships. He has proven record of making multi million dollar deals and solving complex problems through deep understanding of customer and offering creative solutions and right connections to meet the specialized needs. Ted was a state Chess Champion in Utah during his high school years. Nowadays, his mind is set out to effectively connecting Asia's rising stars to millennial generation's taste at the STASIA project.

Purdue University
Industrial Engineering - BSc

Jerry Shin

COO / Co - Founder


Jerry Shin is an entrepreneur and marketing & branding professional who has proven records of managing Global projects over 10 years in various industry - Cosmetic brands in LG, Marlboro & Parliament in PMI and Chubasco in Brandcode. He has made Multi Million dollar revenue within a year from the scratch by managing legal, branding, marketing, sales and finance successfully. Jerry has talent to clarify the issues and spearheads to make business happen. He believe STASIA is one of the most fascinating and meaningful project . it will be the way of breaking existing barriers that placed between fans and idols. He is a member of MENSA and published author

Dongguk University
Business / International Trade - BA

William Han


William Han.jpg

William Han started his professional career at an investment advisory firm where he was responsible for stock analysis and handled various derivatives. He then joined startup companies to serve many roles including marketing, key account management. In the last two years Will held COO position at a crypto-trade and investment strategy focused institution. By being at the forefront of cryptocurrency trade, he strongly felt the market's thirst for real economy based project that provide immediate utilities for users. Will thought STASIA is the perfect example for such project and decided to join as the CMO who has deep understanding of the volatile crypto market.

Yonsei University     
International Relations / Economics - BA

Jamie Park


Jamie Park.jpg

조선일보 기자, 미디어 경영파트CI 개발 프로젝트, CRM 시스템 개발팀, TV조선 종편진출 TFT 등 다수의 프로젝트에 참여해 다양한 업무 능력을 쌓았다.  '산에 걸려 넘어지진 않지만, 돌부리엔 걸려 넘어진다'는 생각으로 일에 임해 디테일에 강하다. 데드라인을 목숨처럼 여기는 신문사 문화에 단련되어, 어떻게든 마감까지 결과물을 만들어내는 능력이 있다. 
맷집이 강하고 낙천적인 성격이다.

Ewha Womans University
Journalism - BA

Will Choi



삼일회계법인(PwC)에서 다수의 M&A Deal과 재무자문 업무를 진행하였으며, 아모레퍼시픽그룹에서 해외브랜드 인수를 진행하였다. 
옐로모바일 내 여행자회사인 옐로트래블의 CEO로서 회사 매각을 수행하였다. Lifestyle Business 기업들에 투자 및 운영에 관여하고 있다. 

Sogang University
Business Administration-BA

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