STASIA connect rising K-Pop stars(idol group) to fans worldwide. Each idol group issue tokens named after their them under STASIA platform. Fans can support their idol by purchasing the idol token with cryptocurrencies and participating in various fan activities. Idols then reward their token holders with discounts and authentic fan experiences that cannot be bought elsewhere. These include but not limited to concert backstage tour, special fan meeting and exclusive digital content. We call this new type of community that enable next level of fan-artist relationship "Crypto-Fandom".

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Token Holder’s Benefits

Digital Asset

A limited edition idol token, which is recorded in the block chain and exists permanently, is a digital membership that offers fans distinctive experience. Depending on the popularity of the idol token, it would get more valuable, and it is possible to trade freely between individuals or in a stock exchange.

Goods & Ticket Discount and Preferential Treatment

We provide invitations, priority booking and ticket discounts for offline events such as concerts, fan meetings and rehearsals, depending on the number of tokens. Also, you can purchase a variety of idol goods, special items and service by spending tokens.

Token Exchange

Your idol tokens are able to be exchanged with other idol tokens or BTC, ETH, STASIA TOKEN via a token swap.(Upcoming features to be supported as scheduled).